TemplateTab – Google Sheets Add-on

Get All Students on the Same Google Sheets

by Erica Moreno

One of Alice Keeler’s most popular Add-ons is TemplateTab. This allows you to copy your roster onto a Google Sheets spreadsheet. You can design a graphic organizer on the second tab. A copy of the graphic organizer will be created for each student on the roster, within the same spreadsheet. This allows for improved collaboration and makes feedback easier.



Alice’s Blog Post

TemplateTab: All Students on One Spreadsheet

Get Started

Start by making a copy of the Template. You will need to use alicekeeler.com/templatetab each time you want to create a TemplateTab OR you can go to alicekeeler.com/betatester and request to join the Google Group. Joining the Beta Tester group will allow you to permanently install TemplateTab into your Google Sheets Add-ons.

Paste Your Roster

In column A you want to paste your roster.

Use the TemplateTab Menu

From the menu next to the help menu, choose “Run TemplateTab.” You will need to authorize the script. It might give you a screen warning you to go back to safety. Click on Advanced. Click on Unsafe (it is safe, Alice Keeler coded it herself.) Once you have authorized the script, notice that tabs start to populate at the bottom of the spreadsheet with each students name.

Share the Spreadsheet

Share the spreadsheet with the students where they have edit access.



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